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Welcome to Indian Industrial Park - Cherlapally, Hyderabad

Cherlapally Industries Association :

Cherlapally Industries Association popularly Known as CIA formed in the Year way back 1997 had been dormant for several years before coming into existence with full vigor and gusto in the year 2002 in the Chelapally Industrial Estate located in Hyderabad, India.

CIA, an Organization registered under the Society’s Act of Andhra Pradesh, is located in spacious Administrative office in Cherlapally which also houses Air conditioned seminar halls, Badminton courts, Technical Library etc., CIA is involving in facilitation of various activities for the development of its Members.

Being Rich and Diverse Mix of Industries Manufacturing Products / Providing Services in the areas of Engineering, Plastics, Machinery, Agriculture, Packing Material, Borewell Equipment, Forgings, Electronics, Electrical, Pharma etc., and the Clean and Green environs of the Estate are synonymous with the sincerity and social commitment of the Members of Association.

Over the efflux of time, the Cherlapally Industries Association has become one of the most Outspoken and Effective Associations in the Southern Region. Its views are listened to with respect by one and all authorities and it is entirely because of the continuous support which it gets from its members.

CIA is not only the first to develop a Industrial Directory containing information of the Members but it has gone further with this WEBSITE covering more than 700 units located in this Industrial Estate to Share the Information among themselves and Showcase the Products they are Manufacturing / Selling.

An Industrial Buyer / Interested Clients looking for Products / Information can easily find Manufacturers and Industries they are Looking for with one simple direct “Search” in Company Search on Left hand Side column to find the appropriate Product / Information from the Members. Suggestions / Views are always welcome to improve further on various activities.

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