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About Us

Cherlapally Industrial Estate

Cherlapally Industrial Estate is arguably one of the best Industrial Estates in the state with its combination of Successful Large, Medium and Small Scale Industries set in very Clean and Green Surroundings. The Industrial estate established in the beginning of the 90s enjoys being a Rich Estate with the maximum number of Successful Enterprises.

The Entire Estate comprises of more than 800 Large,Medium and Small Scale Enterprises employing more than 30000 people and Manufacturing Products in the areas of Engineering, Plastics, Machinery, Agriculture, Borewell Equipment, Forgings, Electronics, Electrical, Packing Material, Pharma etc.

The above Diverse and Rich mix of Industries and being Non Polluting in nature, the Association has taken up the task of building Greenery and the Environs of the Estate and added to the beauty of the estate

The Industrial Estate is maintained by Notified Municipal Service Society, a Registered Body comprising of industrialists from this Estate. The Cherlapally Industrial Estate has a Very Modern Street Lighting system, Drinking Water Schemes, Well Maintained and Wide Roads, Sign Boards, Green Areas, Lined trees adjoining the Main roads with an Efficient Garbage Removal and Disposal system.

The Cherlapally Industries Association popularly known asCIA formed in the Year way back in 1990’s from the various Members of this Industrial Estate.

There was no looking back ever since and our respects and reverence goes to the stalwarts of 1st generation Industrialists / Entrepreneurs. Notably it was this generation that took initiative to build a Strong Foundation. A foundation was laid first to a mammoth Association building in the year 2002 with a vision to have Conference rooms, Sports facilities, Canteen, Technical library and other facilities in Quick succession. A task which made other Industrial Estates to follow the suit.

To Foster the camaraderie among the Entrepreneurs and Trade, the association has started MSME Exhibition in the Year 2003, ever since it has become bi-annual event growing in Strength, Volume and Popularity.

On a day to day basis the Association is instrumental in on dissemination of information to all its Members. Most important them being the Power position, Circulars regarding Government Orders like Sales Tax, Central Excise, Customs and other statutory bodies, information regarding Health camps, Sports events, Job melas and every issue concerning the Industrialists and Workers. Above all CIA helps their Members by organizing various capacity building Programmes for their development.

CIA is not only the first to develop a Industrial Directory in the Year 2002 but it has gone further with there own Website www.cia.org.in to share the information among themselves and showcase the Products they are Manufacturing / Selling.

Among all Associations in Andhra Pradesh CIA is force to Reckon, its an achievers Paradise. We look forward to the well being of all our Industrialists, Industries and the Workers.

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