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  1. Technical library – With a view to educate and provide standard and updated information on all the required fields linked the industrial association, the Cherlapally Association has been maintaining a technical library. From the initial start to the most updated technical news, the library holds all kinds of information and happenings.

  2. Sports complex – The Association realizes that all work and no recreation will not yield the maximum output. To satisfy the diversified urge in its employees, it has built a sports complex; an indoor shuttle court, table tennis, lawn tennis and other indoor games. With flexible timings and reach to these sports and games, the association is trying to be in reach to each and every employee in its purview.

  3. Conference hall – For all the frequent board meetings, internal and external conferences, and regular association gatherings, the association is facilitated with a first class conference hall. The hall can hold the required personnel at a time and not once the size has been found wanting.

  4. Canteen – The Association even takes care of the food intake requirements of the employees. With all food items in line with the present day varieties, the canteen caters to all kinds of food lovers during the canteen timings.
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