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  • Roads – With the focus on comfortable reach across the vast expanses in the industrial area in cherlapally, the association has laid roads to almost every nook and corner. This has improved the transportation access as well for all the raw materials and such transits of each member organization.

  • Green belts – As is the case with any industrial association, the environmental pollution will be slightly on the higher side in the industrial area. To negate this CIA has come up with sizable green belts at regular distances. This not only keeps the pollution impact low but also helps in making natural relaxation possible with peaceful and serene surroundings.

  • Water tanks – To cater to the large family of members in the Cherlapally Industrial Association, they have built as many water tanks as possible to meet any kind of requirement including emergencies as can be foreseen in industrial areas. We can proudly say that there is no dearth of water in the area.

  • Footpaths – It is a clear fact that any industrial area will have regular transits of heavy vehicles, be it in-coming raw material delivery or out-going finished product delivery. Keeping this in mind, the association has taken the responsibility of pedestrian safety. To this extent, footpaths were laid at all important junctions wherever there is a possibility of even a minor mishap.

  • Drainage systems – With regular outlets of industrial waste from all the industrial factories, the association has taken all precautions to control any contamination of drinking water and other such useful environmental elements. To this end, proper drainage systems have been planned and laid to channelize the industrial waste and dump it in the proper places sanctioned by the Government.
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