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Experience demonstrates that the interests of Members are best served by catering to the larger interest of the country. Also keeping in mind the sweeping pace of liberalisation and the integration with the global economy CIA services are constantly evaluated and upgraded to suit the best interest of its members and the global electronics community.

  • Active industry-government interface and networking with key decision making bodies with quick and effective representation to government and continuous follow up on policy.
  • Swift dissemination of relevant information/data, circulars and notifications using electronic media and providing value added information and updates as well as promoting business with the support of CIA dynamic website.
  • Publications, Reports and Surveys to capture the latest in the industry.
  • Training Programmes, conferences, workshops on emerging business practices and quality, Self Empowerment Programmes Advisory and Consultancy services, infrastructure support for business meets, conferences and promotional activities at CIA's Conference and Committee Room.
  • Subscriber Club Membership to enable any individual or organisation to avail CIA services.
CIA has taken the initiative to create awareness on issues impacting hardware manufacturing, such as policy and environmental developments, drawing up a well-defined agenda for both - the Government as well as the industry.

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